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Old News

Crap that was taking up too much space on the main page

I received an email from geocities today notifying me of scheduled downtime. "GeoCities will be performing scheduled maintenance starting Friday, May 17th, 2002 at 9:00 pm PST (GMT-7). Service will be restored the morning of Sunday, May 19th, 2002. " What this means to the AKDDR.com viewing public is that most downloads will be unavailable during that time period. Thank you for your patronage.

Upon further investigation, I cannot at this time offer email redirection services due to the limited bandwidth available through my dns service provider. However, if you would like a subdomain of akddr.com, and would like to help reward me for keeping this site free and fun to be at, you can contact me at funkywizard@akddr.com and request a subdomain. The cost is only $1 for 2 years of fully featured subdomain service. yourname.akddr.com points to your ip address, or alternatively yourname.akddr.com redirects to your choice of url. After purchasing service, you can email me at any time and I will update your ip address or url reroute address at no charge.

Some of you may have been wondering what has been going on at akddr.com recently. Firstly, geocities deleted a few of my accounts, making some 5th mix mp3s unavailable. Also, a select few irreplaceable files for 3rd and 4th megamix were corrupt, thus the entire download became worthless. Soon I will be getting partial usage of a dedicated server with some bandwidth, which I will use to make these files available again.

ALSO! As you have noticed, my popups are no longer on this site. You all found them garish, and the popup companies found my site unacceptable for various reasons. These factors together obviate my need for additional funding for this website. I have worked out a solution that will be rolled out later this week. For a one time fee yet to be determined (but under $3), you can have an akddr.com email forwarding account. No matter where you check your email, you will always be able to tell people to mail you at yourname@akddr.com. Also available will be akddr.com subdomains (yourname.akddr.com) with your choice of a real subdomain pointing to your ip address, or a rerouting url type of subdomain. This service may be bundled with email reroute service or may be available seperatly for $1 or so, but details will be decided later. Other domains may also be available for similar service (smallwebmaster.com for instance). If you are at all interested in this service, please let me know at funkywizard@akddr.com. Getting your reroute will help akddr.com maintain its solvency and bring you better service.

I busted my ass for 2 and a half hours to bring you 4th mix megamix mp3. 106 megs in 59 files, this mp3 is 78 minutes long. Again sorry about the large number of files, but the mp3 is well worth it. Also, I added more mirrors and better organized downloads of the older mp3's so they will be more readily available at all times of day.

The song walkie talkie long version was an incomplete file and thus was removed. I don't have the full length song to replace it, but shortly I should upload the short arcade mix version.

I seem to be getting the hang of this file upload stuff. I added 3rd megamix back to the mp3 section, this time in 58 files. I'm sorry there are so many files involved but the song is worth it. Took me about 3 hours on this one. Also, on the pad modding front, I broke the cubicle wall divider board that was my ghetto hard pad setup. So instead of a breakdown on how to set one up for yourself, in its place will be pictures of just how bad I fucked up that $4 cubicle wall. Coming soon....

I spent about 5 hours of my spring break today getting you people every 5th mix ddr song that is in the Playstation version. That's 43 songs in all. I hope you enjoy.

I added 17 new mp3's from 4th mix DDR to the mp3 section. I had 7 geocities accounts that I was going to put 3rd megamix on a long time ago, but that needed like 30 accounts, so I decided to actually use these accounts for other stuff now. Enjoy!

It was brought to my attention that geocities deleted one of my most popular mp3 accounts. I responded to this issue by reuploading the corresponding mp3's to two different geocities accounts. The affected files should be more readily available at all times of day as a result.

A few things have happened here. Firstly, a whole lot of nothing as far as updating this website. I've thought about it a couple times, but decided snuggling my girlfriend was more rewarding. Secondly, I'm sure something has happened with Konamix and DDR Max 2, but I really have no idea what. Next on the agenda, I finally got to play 4th mix plus in the arcade in Anchorage during my stay there. Very pimpin' I must say. On the horizon for akddr, I will soon add a section about how to do a Ghetto pad mod that works great with those bns ultra-x pads you can get from buynshop.com. With a little duct tape and a $4 cubicle wall, you can have a pad setup that easily rivals hard pads, at a fraction of the price!

After experimenting with popups, I have decided that although they make me some money, they also make my site unpleasant and unprofessional. Therefore the number of popups on my site is going to be greatly reduced. The second major news item is that BUYnSHOP.com is once again coming out with a new ddr pad that I will review. It is called the Ultra-X 2, and promises to be improved over the last one.

Somehow my last news post got deleted. Probably my incompitance at work. Well, a week ago, 35 meg one chunk ddr was again downloadable, but 2 or so days later, it was deleted. Some new ddr info. DDR Konamix is coming out eventually. My info leads me to believe this will be a new usa mix. I also have heard rumors of an upcoming ddrmax2 (ddr 7th mix). As for updating this site, on the roster is a major update to the killer links section, with a few major sites having undergone major renovations, I believe is well needed. As far as downloads, I will no longer be answering emails regarding requests for files, or that inform me of trouble with downloads. Similarly, I will not be expanding the downloads section, as it takes a great deal of my personal time. Updates in general will be farther apart as well, but I have not abandoned this website.

The university screwed up my webspace a bit, so 35 meg ddr is down again. Geocities hasn't activated the accounts I signed up for, so 3rd megamix and 4th mix mp3's still haven't been added. I will eventually try to sign up for more accounts to get these two things working.

Two things. First off, the ddr 2nd mix megamix mp3 is back. That took a good 2 or 3 hours of effort on my part, so I hope you appreciate it. Secondly, I have decided I either need to start getting something out of this site or I need to start putting more effort into other activities, such as earning a living. Show you care and that hard work pays off! Consider donating to AKDDR.com. Please? Click Here for more info!

The DDR Pad Reviews are complete. Finally. Reviewed is the deluxe bns dance pad along with a psx mod cd and a psx to parellel port adapter.

Fixed many mp3 downloads, and you can once again download the ddr 35 meg file in just one chunk. No more megamixes right now, no kickitup, and no 375 meg ddr. Sorry. Pad reviews should be done in a couple hours.

Sorry I hadn't updated this site in a while. Here's the big news updates: 1) It's christmas time and im one of the only people left in the dorms. That means this site will be heavily updated over the next couple weeks. 2) Many downloads are not working especially the large ones. It seems the large traffic of me serving these files cost my college many thousands of dollars. Therefore, the 375 meg file is gone forever, and the other files are put on hold for a while. 3) I bought a psx and can now play ddr on it. Therefore, the review of those pads will be coming in just a day or maybe two. Promise this time. 4) I just got all the 4th mix mp3's, so as soon as my downloads are worked out, I'll put them up. Expect them by the end of christmas break. Have fun ddr'ing everyone, and don't cost your college half a million like I did!

Added even more mp3s today, including 2nd megamix and individual songs. Today or tommorow I will review the ddr pad and stuff I got recently.

Added 3rd Mix Megamix to the Mp3 section. 69 megs, 72 minutes long. Also, I now have a new version of diet diet revolution with more songs, ddr psx pad support, and higher quality audio in the ddr download section. Unfortunately its 375 megs. If you have the patience, then have fun!

The university unblocked my ports allowing me to serve files for this site off my computer. As such, I added kickitup to the Pc DDR section today. Also, I now have stomp to my beat available in the MP3 section.

Geocities finally got around to deleting 2 of my 60-some accounts. This made the following songs unavailable or less available: Butterfly Upswing, Dam Dariram, Do it all night, Dub I Dub (long), Butterfly Extended Version, Machine Title Select. However, having seen this problem, I immediatly used one of my few remaining spare geocities accounts and reuploaded the files within 10 minutes. Happy Downloading! By the way, if anyone could sign up for Geocities accounts and then send me the user names and passwords you came up with it would really help me make really great downloads continue to be available on this site.

I have added 29 more DDR mp3's to my site now, doubling the collection available to download. Enjoy!

The other day I received my package of ddr goodies from BuyNShop.com, and so far, everything seems to meet or exceed expectations. There's lots of spiffy stuff including a dance pad, a psx mod cd, ddr for pc and psx and a parellel port adapter. A full review should be coming your way in a couple of days.

I have it on good authority that ddr 4th mix plus has arrived at the spacestation arcade and it totally kicks ass. If you are in the anchorage area, you should definitly check it out.

I expanded the DDR MIDI section to now include a wider variety of songs. Enjoy!

I got word from Gimpy that the 4th mix plus machine spacestation is getting has shipped and should be arriving this weekend. Happy happy joy joy!

I just received an email from BuyNShop.com, and apparently they want to send me a ddr pad of theirs for the purpose of reviewing it. I checked out their site and they seem to have a plethora of ddr games and accessories at prices lower than I've seen elsewhere. I'm therefore very much looking forward to reviewing their pad to see if it is as good as they claim. Even their low price pads look pretty good and I've never seen a pad for $14 before. Word is that I will be reviewing the deluxe pad however, which is still pretty darn cheap at $26

Good news ddr fans! I just recieved an email from "Kris K" a patron of the spacestation arcade in Anchorage Alaska, which states that the spacestation arcade will be getting DDR 4th mix any day now. He heard this from one of the employees there who apparently wanted to spread the word to "some alaska DDR player site" =P. They also have Tekken 4, Capcom vs Snk 2, and are involved in repairing guitar freaks. Spacestation appears to really be improving now that it is under new management. I just can't wait for the holidays, when I'll get to go visit anchorage and play some 4th mix goodness. I've been a little out of the loop since I moved to Fairbanks.

Today I added the popular game Diet Diet revolution to my site available for download. This pc ddr emulator type thingie allows you to play ddr from the comfort of your computer. It includes all relevant required music files and such, and as such, it is a 35 meg download. If you have any problems with it, let me know. Have fun.

Some of the mp3's were corrupted, so I fixed that. Also added two more geocities accounts because boys summer mix was making a couple go "over the limit" too often. also today added "WTF is ddr?" section explaining what dance dance revolution is all about. Lastly, in a bandwidth saving manuver, most of the image files are being stored of my hosting providers isp provided web space =P Hope you like the changes. I will not stop until AKDDR.com is *The Best* ddr site available.

Well, I busted my ass for quite a number of hours to bring you ddr mp3's for you to download. 28 so far, more available by request. Really shouldn't have taken so much time to do, but oh well. Enjoy!

I have implemented somewhat of a ddr midi background music system type of thing. Its on the main navbar now. Also, the ddr videos section has been expanded due to use of my 50 megs of uaf campus webspace.

My full 100 gig hard drive decided to go ahead and shit itself the other day. Lost almost all of my files, even with some heavy duty recovery software (easyrecovery for those who care). Most of the files it recovered were corrupt. For instance, I would open a movie, and it would instead play random samplings of ddr music. Go figure. Anywho, that'll be the last time I overclock. Had my 100 bus at 119 and cas 3 ram at cas 2. Phooey. More info later, so lazy...

You may have noticed this site experience some downtime over the last few days. We worked hard with our dedicated savvy webhosting providers, and have seemed to have tracked the problem to some faulty network cabling. We should not be having any more such problems in the near future. However, there are some scheduled system upgrades that may put the site down for another day or two in the course of the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Akddr.com has started participating on work for Genome@Home. This project is similar in design to the popular seti@home project. It uses your spare computing cycles to design new genes that make proteins. This will allow us to better understand genetics and the human genome. Please join Team_AKDDR_dot_com today in this project. Show the world that ddr players are the best! We are team #1362674007 . You will need to enter this when you first start using the program, or you can download this file into your genome@home installed directory to switch teams after you have already started. Happy Genoming and good luck.

The next item on the agenda is improving and adding to the ddr background music system. I downloaded some more midi's so this should be done sooner rather than later. I should also soon have ddr mp3's available here to download.

freaking a. well it turns out that i could not record the episode because it came on at 6pm instead of the 8pm i was anticipating. sorry

The premiere episode of enterprise comes out today on tv. for all those of you who cant watch it, I will do my best to encode it digitally and put it on my website here. Stay tuned.

I don't want you all to think I'm neglecting this website, so I have a comic that may be of interest to the ddr community. Made by the mad skills at penny-arcade.com, this comic speaks to the dedicated game player. heh :P

I updated the videos section with more videos. Gonna stick with geocities, but up it hella fast now and onto multiple mirrors, so hopefully they should stay up longer. Also, my forum in the global ddr message board has been removed, so for that I'm going back to msn communities. With a couple more tweaks, we should be back to the daily feature soon.

I'm at uaf right now, and I haven't got around to updating the "features" section yet. Eh maybe eventually, there's so much going on here. In any case, I need uaf to unblock port 80 for me so I can serve my vids. If that doesn't happen I'll serve them through kazaa. 'Till later, -gabe.

Last update until I get into college. Gotta pack up my stuff, including my computer. Daily feature will probably be resumed around the 2nd or 3rd. Enjoy today's daily feature.

Never content to leave well enough alone, I have added a section to my site for ddr game codes. It covers 2nd and 3rd mixes, as well as both US versions (DDR v1.5 and DDR USA). You might want to check it out.

Interesting rant about my ads: As far as my ads go, click throughs don't make me money. Actual people downloading the advertised programs do. Still, clickthroughs start the process going. I find it funny that the only click through I got in the last 7 days was probably from me. This is out of over 1100 impressions. Assuming it was not from me, this translates to less than a pathetic 0.1% click through rate. This of course achieves no money for me. See screen shot here. I think this accurately reflects the sorry state of internet advertising. As such, in the near future, my annoying button ads will be replaced by sarcastic parody buttons which I will design. Finally something to look forward to, and maybe I'll get more clicks off them too. Not that I will make any money off those either. Stay tuned.

Well, linkshare screwed me out of a commission I know I earned, so I have eliminated all their banners from my site. The positive side effect of that is less advertising here. I mean why advertise if I'm not even going to get the paltry amount of money they promise to pay me? I don't know if my other ads are going to screw me yet, so they are still there.

Also, I have changed my account at thecounter.com so that it shows all hits, instead of just unique visitors. That is why the counter went up about 1500 in one day. Also, the links section has been updated with a new link.

I have updated the about me and videos section now. You might want to check them out.

Well, I have now achieved the ability to do any song on catasrophic, however winning the top score in single mode is still out of reach. Justin shall not have it for long.

Soon I plan to add 2 sections to this site: 1: props 2 u, with people who are cool and generally helpful. 2: diss 2 u: for losers, who will be exposed in all their loserdom. This will probably be weekly updated.

I went ahead and despite having better things to do, uploaded a ddr video. Just one for now it is the April 2001 tournament music video I made in realvideo format. 4 megs in size, this beeatch took me about 25 minutes to upload. I hope u all like it and I hope geocities doesn't delete it.

Well, granite canyon is back up and running, but my dns and hosting are a little screwed up at the moment. Things should be straightened out by tommorow, at which point, the url www.akddr.com should be working again.

The DNS servers i was using were down today. Therfore the only way to reach this site was through: Thank you for your patience.

Well, my new redesign is pretty much done and here it is. Videos section and about me section still not done. I don't have the kind of hosting I need for videos and nobody cares about me, so those be coming along later rather than sooner.

My domain (www.akddr.com) has been activated. You can now reach this site through that url. Also, work on my redesign has been coming along quite nicely. Expect an uber-leet version of this site to be up and running in about a week.

Some website news: I have registered a domain AKDDR.COM, which should be working in the next two days. I have also payed for hosting at 79centhosting.com, and when the check clears (4 days) I should be able to move out of this little dump. It only has 5 megs space and 50 megs transfer per month, so no video uploads yet (what can you expect for 79cents a month). When I move up to UAF (college) I will host a leet server there with a 650 megabit internet connection, so then we'll be moving along. In the meantime, I am redesigning this website for a real HTML format by hand with notepad and photoshop, so given a little time and effort on my part, I think you will be proud of the results. Stay tuned.

Apparently those little pricks at geocities don't like people having files on their service (despite the fact that that is the whole point of their service) so... most of my videos aren't working right now because they deleted two of my accounts. I don't have the time or upload speed to get them working again right now. I just got some money though, so I might actually pay for webhosting pretty soon. Then the vids will work and won't get deleted.

Wishing my sister a late happy birthday (july 3). Also, I'm back in anchorage now. Plan on playing some ddr today with gimpy and ghettodhalillama. Ummm.... not much ddr news, but in my personal life: Mexico trip was cool. San Diego and LA was fun (swimming in the ocean with my almost leet boogie boarding skillz). I got an mp3 cd player at fry's the jwin jx-cd900. It's pretty cool. So instead of talking to you, I'll go listen to it. Bye for now.

Hey guys. Sorry there haven't been any updates recently. Here they are:
1. There was a tournament on the 4th of june. I couldn't be there, but I was told Bomby won the freestyle event.
2. I am currently in california (burbank area) and since there was nothing to do, I explored the arcade experience here. It turns out All amusement fun centers in the media city arcade has an excellent third mix machine, with the proper codes, can also play second mix songs. I spent a great deal of time there. Tommorow I go to mexico on a FUN trip, so no more updates for a week or two. All u peeps have fun ddr'ing, and once i get onto a decent computer, I will clean up this message a bit, I cant even read what I am writing right now (#$!@'ing netscape). When I get back I'll tell u all about it.

Today I graduated from West Anchorage high school in Alaska. It's finally over.

The Talent Competition was quite a sucess. We raised the money we needed to in order to get everyone else to mexico. Furthermore, the crowd of over 100 people seemed to enjoy my ddr moves surprisingly.

A good deal of new news has built up. Here it is:

First, there will be a freestyle ddr tournament at spacestation. There is a $2 entry fee, 1,2,3 prizes are 80,40,20 tokens. The tourney will take place in early June and signup begins may 20. You will be judged on freestyle, accuracy, and crowd appreciation.

Second, I now have recieved the PSX ddr american version. The song selection is pretty similar to 2nd mix. Other friends of mine were not able to get the game despite having a reservation like I did. From what I understand, software etc. will not be carrying the game anymore and everyone else is backlogged.

Third and also important there will be a talent competition at the first presbyterian church sunday may 20th at 5:30 pm. I will be performing the psx version of ddr there, which will be on projector. This function is to raise money so we can go on a mexico mission trip. There will be included a spaghetti dinner. All who are interested are welcome to come.

There is currently a petition going on whereby you affirm to konami that they should have more bemani games in north america and europe, and market them better, etc. You can sign this petition so that they know we are serious about playing dance dance revolution and other music games.

Well, I preordered the DDR bundle pack, that is a pad and game, at software etc. today. It will total $75 and should make its way to my grubby hands on the 9th of may. Hardly their origional release date of January.

Also, as for the videos, I edited about 4 more, and with the music video, I'm thinking the background music will be one or more of the following four songs: Theme to rocky "the eye of the tiger", The Race, KC and the Sunshine band's shake your booty, or Madonna's Get into the groove.

I freed up a few gigs of hard disk space so I'm going to be working on some more ddr videos and maybe some sorta high speed music video type thing this weekend.

DDR-Alaska is currently in the process of moving to a better location than the ghetto-ness of msn communities in order to serve you better. Be on the lookout for real html code, fewer ads, and other good stuff.

Props go out to bomby for pointing out some mis-spelled links on my videos section. They all should work now.

I was too lazy to tell you about it until now, but on the 8th, a little while after the tournament finished, I finally achieved my lifelong dream. That's right I now have first place in double mode with apprx 17.6 million points. The initials are Gmr. I know you are excited but don't all you ladies throw yourselves at me at once, I'm just one guy after all : P

Uploaded mega vids today and stuff. Got 17 in all. Still a few more tourney ones to capture, encode and upload, but everything thats been captured is up now.

DDR Tournament today was super cool even though they paired me against the eventual winner, making me last place since I went first. We even got some video of the event uploaded already even though it happened just today! Even more video to come shortly. Oh and by the way, there was plenty of room for more people a lot of people dropped out.

Finished uploading some ddr videos. They are in real video format, not as good as mpeg like I wanted. However the smaller size of real video allowed me to have space to put them up. They are also pretty old because it's taken this long to get them up, so I'm somewhat better at ddr now.

Also, the tourney is today at 6pm. at 1pm today, I signed up as #29, which is fifth alternate. If we get two more people to sign up, the tourney will have 32 slots instead! So go sign up and show up please. Today, sunday this 8th day of april, 2001.

DDR Tourney update:
You can still sign up to be an alternate and if they get another 8 people to sign up before sunday, they will extend the available slots to 32. It's free so go sign up today!!!

Updated (ie correct) information on the upcoming tournament from our chief correspondant, Gimpy T is as follows:
Tournament will be held at spacestation sunday april the 8th at 6pm in the following format:
24 slots (currently all full)
No entry fee
Winner gets tokens
1st round 1on 1 on a random standard song as in 1 song(s)
2nd round on a random advanced song(s)
3rd round on a random expert song
Highest score wins in all rounds
not sure if it's on one song a round or a full set

A couple of weeks ago, the school newspaper came out, and due to a lack of news, I'm on its front page! Read all about the FunkyWizard playing ddr:
Click here for enlarged, readable view.


Well, those idiots at Konami have delayed ddr for psx once again. According to Software etc. they will be getting some version of it on April 4th, but according to toysrus.com they wont be getting it until august :( From my understanding, the pad won't come out at the same time as the game does which sucks more. Details are sketchy, but one of two possibilities exist: ddr pad will come out at same time as game, but will cost $50 and the version where it is bundled with game (cheaper) won't come out until august. The other posibility is the pad won't come out at all until August. Either way, it's just one more in a string of disappointments.

Updated info on the ddr playstation release is as follows: The game should cost $30 w/o a pad, $60 with a single pad, but the pad by itself will cost $50, which is more than I want to pay. It is scheduled to come out march 23th (friday), after numerous previous delays. The game will come with 27 songs as follows: 1. The Olivia Project Have You Never Been Mellow 2. King Kong & D. Jungle Girls Boom Boom Dollar 3. Dixies Gang El Ritmo Tropical 4. N.M.R. Let Them Move 5. N.M.R. feat. DJ Nagureo 20, November 6. UZI-LAY Put Your Faith In Me 7. UZI-LAY Put Your Faith In Me (Jazzy Groove) 8. Naoki Brilliant2U 9. Naoki Brilliant2U Orchestra-Groov 10. Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun Smoke 11. Mitsu-O! Make It Better 12. X-Treme My Fire 13. Jennifer If You Were Here 14. Me & My Dub I Dub 15. N.M.R. Keep On Movin' 16. Captain T La Senorita 17. Scotty D. Drop The Bomb 18. S&K Get Up 'N' Move 19. Hi-Rise I Believe In Miracles 20. KTZ AM-3P 21. Naoki Dynamite Rave 22. Re-Venge Afronova 23. De-Sire Trip Machine 24. De-Sire SP-Trip Machine Jungle Mix 25. 180 Paranoia 26. 190 Paranoia MAX Dirty Mix 27. 2MB Paranoia KCET Clean Mix

Well here's the updated tourny info as reported by our most dedicated user and chief correspondant "Gimpy T" : 

Date: April 5, 2001
Location: Spacestation
Time: Yet to be determined
Cost: $10
Format: 3 rounds score based only. 3 songs per round. 1st round standard mode 16 peeps. Second round 8 people difficult mode. Third Round 4 People expert mode. Fourth round 2 people expert mode. Prizes to top 3 peeps, with 1st place winner getting $50 plus tokens.

Spacestation arcade has been doing some light advertising of a Dance Dance Revolution tournament. There is little info about it except that it is to take place some time in March & April. I don't think they got their shit together, but when they know what format it's going to be and when I'll fill you in.

No word yet on video uploads. During an assembly at my High School, West Anchorage High, they had a game called "dance stop" where when the music stops you have to stop dancing, in which I participated which was fun. There was no ddr machine, but that did not stop me from using the same moves I use in Dynamite Rave.

Todd Centofonti and Ben Stephen from my school have written an article for the school newspaper about me playing ddr entitled "shake it funkywizard" which I think is cool and may improve the popularity of the game.

A friend said he was gonna upload my ddr videos to his ftp account. This will be cool when it happens since ive been having trouble finding free providers that allow me to upload 15 meg videos.

The Meeting at Spacestation yesterday was a great sucess as over 20 people actually showed up to watch me (the funkywizard aka Gabe) play dance dance revolution. I would like to thank everyone who showed and especially Becky, Todd, Kyle, Ben, and Brian for their seperate helpfulnesses in the whole process, specifically: Todd and Kyle and Becky for encouraging people to show up, Kyle for buying me a mountain dew :), Ben for giving me a ride over there, Brian for videotaping, Becky for being very positive and encouraging throughout the whole event, and everyone else for going and making the event a sucess! Thank you!

Some of my dances have been videotaped and are currently in processing and editing. I will attempt to find a home for these rather large files shortly. Stay tuned.

I have learned that Konami is planning a US playstation release of Dance Dance Revolution. It should cost around $40 or so with dance pads sold seperatly for an as of yet undisclosed price, which I think will be somewhere between $20-50. It will not have any new songs, but will instead try to compile approximatly 25 of their most popular songs to date for the US release. I await its release with baited breath and will update this info as soon as I learn more.

Coming soon: DDR Videos. I will make some local ddr videos, first of myself, then of other people if they are willing, and post them here. If I get around to it I may distribute copies of videos I downloaded from other sites, since they seem to often have dead links, making videos I downloaded b4 no longer available.

The Message Board seemed to be working again as I answered one of the messages that was posted. However I was too lazy to answer
the other ones, as they were pretty much the same deal anyway.

Unfortunatly for some reason, the site would not let me post replies to message board messages. I did want to answer your messages, but after writing them out twice without them posting I got frustrated and gave up.


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