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Links to other quality sites:

My sites / My friends sites
    I now run a computer repair business based out of Fairbanks, Alaska. Wether you need computer repair, spyware and virus removal, upgrades, custom pcs, or your business machines running in top order, Overnight PC is for you.

    I now am the webmaster for the Deathnet website. Deathnet is the biggest and best lan party in Alaska, being held every other month in the Regency Court Mall. Deathnet is sponsored by Overnight PC, who provides the venue, infrastructure and manpower to make deathnet possible.

    Rain Dog's Opinion Website: Funny ramblings from my friend Jaedon and photos of his exciting (!) life.

My Favorite DDR Sites
    Full us machine locations list, videos, complete step lists and more. Also contains the most heavily trafficked ddr message board out there. This is without a doubt the #1 ddr website.

    DDR East Invasion burst onto the scene in 2004 and has quickly become what I consider to be the number 2 ddr site out there!

    Animelyrics.com has a number of ddr song lyrics and lyrics for many other songs as well.

    This is *the* place to go to get bemani hardware. They have used and new game cabinets, spare parts, full machines, and more. If you are considering buying a ddr machines, shoot an email to their friendly staff and they will help you out.

    Frequently asked questions answered for virtually any video game in existance. The ddr faq's include lyrics, character info, and oh so much more ddr information

    DDRJamz Global DDR BBS
    A heavily trafficked ddr message board with area specific forums and lots of cool goings on.

Other DDR Websites
    This site has a very flashy look, and a little bit of good content, such as videos.

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