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How to be a Dance Dance Revolutionary: Part 1

Now UPDATED! See below
January, 2001
Well I know getting tips from me is like the blind leading the dumb, but I think I got some information for newbies I can relate to you all when I get around to it.
Well first thing you gotta do is get down some rtyhm and be able to recognize what the arrows coming up the screen mean. This is actually quite hard for someone who is just starting, and to practice that without paying a lot at the arcade, you can get a pc simulated version to download, which I will try to make available here asap.
Once you have the mental ability to see what is happening, you might want to try some tricks. The coolest dancers have memorized whole songs so they can dance backwards and never look at the screen. Thats kind of advanced but luckily you can still kick up a moderate amount of ass without keeping your eyes away from the screen the whole time. The trick is to do more than they make you do. Like if there is two of these in a  row,
L            R
L            R
Try hitting the first one with left foot on the left pad and the right foot on the right pad and then the next one with right foot on the left pad and your left foot on the right pad. It takes a little getting used to but is one of the easiest tricks to do so with practice almost anyone can pull it off even me.
Since my experience is limited, I can't really give much examples of ways to kick up ass, except to have fun with what you are doing put some force into it, don't just hit the pads they make u using the easiest foot available. Bounce around a bit and get some groove on and in no time you will be a dance dance revolutionary.

UPDATE: For beginning users, these tips should help a lot
(Thanks Radien for providing these tips)

1. Whatever you do, don't plant one foot and hit everything with the other foot. All in all it actually hurts your gameplay in 3 different ways: It actually makes it harder to hit all the notes since you have half as many feet to work with, it tires you down from having one leg do all the work, and it tires you even more from making one leg support all the weight. Not to mention, nearly all songs with difficulty above 1 are impossible to pass without using both feet.

2. Don't reset your feet to the neutral center area after steps. You don't get penalized for stepping on panels when you're not required to, and centering almost doubles the amount of movement you're doing.

3. Don't stomp hard on the pad. It's noisy, it's not as cool as you think it looks, it breaks the machine, it won't really help your timing... and just like many other techniques, it tires you down twice as fast, since you're ramming your poor feet against a hard surface about twice a second.

When you step lightly, you exhaust yourself less, and it becomes easier to keep your balance. That doesn't mean you can't move erratically, but put some spring into your feet when you land so your body can absorb the shock properly.

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